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A word about reviews...

     New writers covet fabulous reviews, and I am very appreciative any time a reader makes the effort to recommend me to others! Great reviews offer so much more than kudos and expressions of enjoyment, though I am thankful for your compliments and encouragement as well. Verifiable reviews of my first title, Another Version of Truth, are available on Amazon, of course, though several are summarized at the bottom of this page.  


     I've been complimented on the cover photography as much as the stories, and Laura McKenzie gets all the credit for these quality images. Unlike most novels you'll see on bookstore shelves, I don't use stock images for my book covers.* These are real places and the cover art will always reflect a scene, a place, or a moment depicted in the storytelling. I also use larger print, which makes for an easier read whether you're on the beach or curled up in your favorite chair.  And finally, if you're like me, you don't have days or weeks to devote to learning the ending. My stories are designed to keep you excited about what's coming next, but deliver the goods without delay. Perfect for a cross-country flight, a book club review assignment or a weekend excursion, I think they hit the sweet spot as far as length! I always welcome feedback from my readers, so please feel free to reach out using the contact form!

         *Cover art and book layout / design provided by:

                       Laura J. McKenzie Communications, LLC.



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Amazon: 5 out of 5 Stars  -  Another Version of Truth, Released March 2020

Great read!                                                    Patticake - April 2020

Intriguing!                                                      RJ  - April 2020  

Wonderful mystery, great love story!       Dee M. -  April 2020

Fantastic book, couldn't put it down!       Andrea M.  -  May 2020

A gem of a read!                                           ELB  -  April 2020

Amazing!                                                        A. Weeks  -  June 2020

Looking forward to the next book!            L. Clark  -  October 2022 

see Amazon for detailed comments & reviews

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